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From day to day finances to predicting the behaviour of large groups of people, from designing bridges to providing the language of computers, from understanding the evidence for the efficacy of a new medicine to working out how environmentally friendly your next car will be, mathematics underpins every aspect of modern life. A beautiful and interesting subject worthy of study for its own sake, mathematics is also a practical tool for a better understanding of our world.
At Sydenham School we aim to enthuse young people to enjoy maths, to thoroughly prepare them for public examinations and to equip them with mathematical skills for the 21st century. In an ever-changing world a sound understanding of mathematical principles backed up with excellent qualifications is essential for continuing education and employment.
All students at Sydenham School are supported to make progress at the proper pace for them. Specialist support staff target individual students for extra help and students preparing for exams benefit from an extensive range of workshops and additional resources. Students with a natural affinity for maths will find that they are challenged in class and have the opportunity for further extension with after school clubs and participation in national competitions.
Girls are put into maths sets from Year 7 in which they can make progress at the right level for them. Different learning styles are catered for with a range of activities including small group work, investigations, use of ICT, skills practice and regular homework. We are at the cutting edge of maths education using the latest research into pedagogy to develop our own Mastery curriculum.
Students are encouraged to see mistakes and challenge as a positive part of a learning process that aims to build secure skills underpinned by conceptual understanding. Regular assessment throughout Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 ensures that the Mathematics Faculty is able to closely monitor and direct student’s individual development helping to ensure that pass rates are consistently well above the national average at both GCSE and A level.
In the Sixth Form the Mathematics Faculty offer a wide range of courses to suit the needs of post-16 students. GCSE resits and both A Level Maths and Further Maths are all popular courses. Enrichment opportunities such as lecture series by professional mathematicians add an extra dimension to the Sixth Form experience, developing wider subject knowledge and preparing students for university study with many students going on to study maths related subjects at the top research institutions in the country.

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