Health and Social Care



Our aim in teaching KS4 Health and Social Care is to ensure that we prepare students for progression to employment and /or further training in the health, social care and early year’s sector through the development of knowledge, skills and understanding needed for work in these sectors. To develop students’ awareness of the influences on an individual’s health and well-being and to highlight the importance of motivational and support when improving health. Encourage students to recognise the importance of the stages of development of an individual and their relationships. Promote a critical and analytical approach to problem solving within the vocational context.

Health and Social Care is also taught at KS5, Our aims within this is to widen participation in vocationally-related learning, allow learners to experience vocationally-relate learning to see if it suitable for them, equip learners with some of the skills they will need for the workplace or in further education or training. Empower learners to take charge of their own learning and development. To provide a range of teaching, learning and assessment styles to motivate learners to achieve their full potential.

Areas of Study at KS4:
  • Health, Social and Early Years Provision
  • Understanding Personal Development and Relationships
  • Promoting Health and Well Being 
  • Safeguarding and Protecting individuals
Areas of Study at KS5:
  • Human Growth and development
  • Communication and values
  • Positive Care Environments
  • Social Aspects and Lifestyle Choices
  • Activities for Health and Well Being
  • Public Health
Areas of Study at A2:
  • Meeting Individual Needs
  • Promoting health and Well-Being
  • Investigating Disease
  • Using and Understanding Research
  • Social Issues and Welfare Needs
  • Understanding Human Behaviour

We also deliver Level 1 and Level 2 Health and Social Care courses that promote very good pathways to Level 3 Courses and Further and Higher Education for our students.

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