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Sydenham School Exams Summer 2017


All exams taking place in Sydenham School from March to June are available at this link.

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Certificates for exams that took place in previous exam series are available to collect from the exams office.
Mr S Lake, Exams Officer

The timetable for year 10 internal exams is attached here.

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End of Year Exams for Years 7-9


As per the school calendar, the end of Year exams for all year groups are scheduled to be happening this half term. We believe these exams are important to prepare students in all years for revising for and managing exams in future years.


Exams for Years 7-9 will take place in your daughter’s normal lessons under formal exam conditions. Your daughter’s teachers will confirm dates/ times for their exams within the next 3 weeks commencing from Monday 12th June.  Teachers will let students know in advance what they should revise.


The experience of revision and examinations is important preparation for GCSEs and A levels in the future, and also gives teachers invaluable information about how they can best support students.  However, we understand that some students can become anxious around the time of exams and special assemblies have been taking place this week to help them manage the process.


The End of Year Exam results will be recorded on your daughter’s Track 4 report, which will be published on 14th July. For Years 9/10, students will receive a GCSE grade as usual, and in Years 7/8 they will receive a percentage.


Thank you in advance for ensuring your daughter is well prepared for all her exams and we wish her every success.


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